Certified holistic baby and child sleep coaches who offer their services in English

Here you will find all the Holistic Baby and Child Sleep Coaches certified by the Verein Kinderschlaf who offer their coaching in languages other than German and who practice according to the values and principles of the Verein Kinderschlaf. Click on the language in which you would like to receive coaching and you will see all the Holistic Baby and Child Sleep Coaches who offer coaching this language, either in person in your area or online. If you can't find anyone or you require a specific (different) expertise, someone from the association will be happy to help you. Please write to us at info@vereinkinderschlaf.com.

sarah nowotnick

10559 Berlin
10559 Berlin

Mom of one child,

Lactation consultant (DAIS),

Specialist for baby-friendly complementary foods,

Specialist for vegan nutrition for infants and toddlers,

M.Sc. Geologist. Coaching also available in German.



Tel: +49 (0) 176 46535145


Daniela butcher

8301 Kainbach
8301 Kainbach
Mother of 3 children, psychologist, doula, breastfeeding counsellor La Leche Liga. Coaching also available in German.
Tel.: +43 (0) 680 1423638

Sandra Langen-Straeter

40233 Düsseldorf
40233 Düsseldorf

Mother of 2 children, kindergarten teacher, babywearing consultant, lactation consultant, baby and toddler food consultant



Tel.: +49 (0) 171 7847739


jasmin weninger

8444 St. Andrä-Höch
8444 St. Andrä-Höch

Mother of 2 kids, MSc (Electrical Engineering / Biomedical Engineering), Certified Babywearing Consultant (ClauWi)

Certified Specialist for formula-fed infants (FeS). Lactation Consultant (La Leche League)



Tel.: +43 (0) 677 63834468‬ 

eva dittinger

1020 Wien
1020 Wien

Mom of two children, doula, neuroscientist, teacher of children's science workshops, attachment parenting guide.

Coaching also available in German and Italian.



Tel.: +43 (0) 10875356

lana hennig

65195 Wiesbaden
65195 Wiesbaden

Mom of one child, Certified Lactation consultant (DAIS), Certified Specialist for formula-fed infants (FeS), Certified Specialist for baby-friendly complementary foods (QEKK), B.A. Interior Architecture



pia steinmann

40670 Meerbusch
40670 Meerbusch

Mother of one daughter,

Holistic Baby and Child Sleep Coach, Psychodynamic Coach,

Coaching also available in German



sabine schreiber

58452 Witten
58452 Witten

Mother of 3 children, lactation consultant (DAIS), specialist for baby-led complementary feeding, baby wearing consultant, doula & more